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Criminal Book

It Takes A Village To Raise A Criminal! 

5 Ugly Facts About Institutionalized Human Behavior

Dr. Jennifer L. Rounds-Bryant (To purchase one set of all 3 books: Cash app $10 to $PayDrJenn - include mailing address)


Why I wrote the book:  I wrote this book after working as a psychologist in both federal and state prison. I saw so many smart, vibrant Black and Brown men and women in prison and wondered how they got there, knowing full well that single mothers could not be so efficient in raising that many criminals. So, I did a little searching and discovered the academic research about the role of the five largest human service agencies in the prison pipeline. The four decades of education research translated in this book is quite candid (deeply truthful) about the role of school in the prison pipeline. In fact, the researchers in all of the disciplines reported in the book were so candid that translating the research for the book was a gut-wrenching experience - lightened only by the clear demonstration in the research of the small steps needed for the village to blow up the prison pipeline. The village has everything it needs to create superstars, average Joes, and criminals. The research tells us how to create more superstars and average Joes than criminals.


Ugly Fact #1 – Education: Some Children Are Deliberately Left Behind!

The pivotal role of school failure in raising criminals!


Ugly Fact #2 – Child Welfare: Helping And Hurting!

The role of foster care and welfare programs in raising criminals!


Ugly Fact #3 – Mental Health: Mental Illness Can Be Criminal!

The role of untreated mental illness in raising criminals!


Ugly Fact #4 – The Juvenile Justice System: Finishing School For Criminals!

The role of punitive juvenile justice strategies in raising criminals!


Ugly Fact #5 – The Faith Community: Breeding Ground For Juvenile Delinquency!

The role of refusing to respond to domestic abuse in raising criminals!

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