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Honeymoon Book

My Story: I have over 25 years of clinical and academic experience, including Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University Medical Center, Research Triangle Institute, Federal Bureau of Prisons, North Carolina Department of Correction, National Development and Research Institutes, Capella University, the University of Phoenix, Walden University, and North Carolina Central University. I know that most tax-payer-funded research never reaches tax payers. So, often perceptions of research are based on the tiniest bit of research that makes it to the public eye through news clips and social media.


Part of my goal as a researcher is to make research on human behavior available and usable for the regular folks who pay for it. So, I used my book series, “5 Ugly Facts About Human Behavior”, to translate decades of research on common human behavior challenges into plain language for every day use. My books are engaging, easy to read, and filled with solutions that can be used right away. My empowering presentations about my book topics keep audiences engaged and gives them the courage to use what they learn in their daily lives.


The Honeymoon Won’t Last Forever! 5 Ugly Facts About Human Relationship Behavior

Dr. Jennifer L. Rounds-Bryant  (To purchase one set of 3 books: Cash app $10 to $PayDrJenn - include mailing address)


Why I wrote the book: I wrote this book to highlight the most common challenges encountered in marital therapy because there is no formal relationship training available for singles and non-engaged couples. My goal is to help singles and couples find the pathway to their Love Affair of a Lifetime (whether or not it includes marriage) by translating into plain language over four decades of academic research on love, relationships, and marriage. When we understand the big picture on how relationships work, we can create a strategic game plan for attracting the love we seek and moving our relationships beyond the honeymoon (or the sick room) to the Love Affair of a Lifetime!                                                                                                           

Ugly Fact #1 – The Honeymoon Won’t Last Forever!

How to keep passion alive for the long haul!

Ugly Fact #2 – Sex Is The First Thing To Go!

The importance of keeping marital sex hot!

Ugly Fact #3 – People Are Who They Are!

How to understand personality and behavior!

Ugly Fact #4 – Relationship Baggage Can Be Deadly!

The value of sorting through the facts of earlier relationships!

Ugly Fact #5 – Babies Ruin Marriages!

The importance of “baby-proofing” marriages!

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