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PhD Coach

My Story: Beginning in 1990, I raced through my own Clinical Psychology PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill in 5 years, including completing my dissertation in 6 months with the help of two very encouraging psychologist mentors. Additionally, I have taught doctoral-level courses and chaired dissertations since 2001. I currently chair more than 30 dissertations. I have also practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist since 1997. I use my 30 years of research experience to guide and support students in all aspects of the doctoral journey - including anxiety, depression, politics, coursework, committees, and careers. Services include PhD Coaching, Dissertation Coaching, and Publication-From-Dissertation Coaching,


Benefits of Coaching: Having a PhD coach allows students to prioritize finishing their program with a lot less struggle, especially for those who have few resources available in their programs. I guide students step-by-step through the dissertation (and PhD) process based on my expertise as an actively practicing dissertation chair (since 2001) and a licensed clinical psychologist (since 1997). My guidance helps students to finish the process faster with fewer frustrations. No getting (or remaining) stuck anywhere in the process. Some of my clients come to me before they start their dissertation, others come for final defense preparation - and all the steps in between. I offer free consultations, which allow review of the student's current status, assessment of fit, and discussion of how the coaching partnership can be tailored to the specific needs of the student.


PhD Coaching: PhD Coaching clients include those who are stuck in any part of the doctoral journey for any reason. I use my expertise to assess their concerns and determine how to address those concerns in a tangible manner. I have helped students navigate politics to get the support they need within or outside of their programs. I have provided guidance and support to help students write papers to finish up incomplete courses, develop strategies to pass comprehensives the first time, and develop strategies to complete their dissertations in 12 months or less.


Dissertation Coaching: Dissertation Coaching clients include those who have been stuck in any part of the dissertation journey for any reason, those who need additional support to keep their current pace, as well as those who want to get a head start on their dissertations. I use my expertise to help assess students’ learning styles, coping strategies, and academic skills to guide students step-by-step through the dissertation process. I am currently Chair for more than 30 dissertations.


Publication-From-Dissertation Coaching: Publication-From-Dissertation Coaching clients include those who desire assistance with the peer-reviewed publication process. My 25 years as a peer-reviewed published research author is used to guide scholars in extracting articles from their dissertations and submitting them to peer-reviewed journals.

PhD Coach Motivation Gear: PhD Coach MG was created based on the common experiences of college students at any level, but especially doctoral students students. The gear can be worn to remind students of the nuggets posted on the PhD Coach Facebook page and heard during coaching sessions that are most likely to keep them motivated and moving in the doctoral process.  The gear in the "Education as Resistance" series reminds scholars of the importance of education in resisting oppression. See this link to purchase gear: 


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