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Sponsorship Property: Relationships 101


Relationships 101 is a series of relaxed discussions with 11th grade – college students (16 – 24 y.o.s) about the science of relationships that are covered in my three-title book series “5 Ugly Facts About Human Behavior”.  Participants are selected from partner high schools and colleges, with the purpose of providing a basic education about 15 aspects of relationships few adults receive in order to help participants make informed decisions about their relationships as they move through adulthood. These 90-minute events are intimate, limited to 50 participants, in order to maximize engagement.


Relationships 101: The Company You Keep And How You Keep It Will Affect Your Life More than the Career You Chose – And other things my professor never taught me! Participants receive all 3 books and a 90-minute discussion. The participants select the chapter to discuss from each of the three books to maximize their engagement. Participants are encouraged to direct their additional questions to the Dr. Jenn Moved Me Forward Facebook page for continued engagement.


Sponsorship Proposal


Sponsorship opportunities are available for brands who want to be associated with relationship education for 16 – 18 y.o.s as part of their high school college preparation programming, and 18-24 y.o.s as part of their college programming.


$500 sponsorship:

            One 50-person event (50 participants)

            Sponsor name and logo on Dr. Jenn website sponsor page indicating event sponsored

            All 3 books will have sponsor name and logo on labels inserted on the inside front page

            Sponsor name and logo on event signage (flyers, event handouts)

            Announcement of sponsors at the beginning of the event, break, and end of event

            Distribution of sponsor give-aways

            Event pictures will be shared on both personal (600 friends) and Dr. Jenn Moved Me                     Forward Facebook (800 likes) pages (minimum social media reach 500 people)


$1000 Sponsorship:

            Two 50-person events (100 participants)

            Facebook thank you advertisement of event pictures (minimum social media                                 reach 1,500 people)


$2500 Sponsorship

            Three 50-person events (150 participants)

            Facebook thank you advertisement of event pictures (minimum social media                                 reach 3,000 people)

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