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Men Don’t Like Kids! – 5 Ugly Facts About Human Behavior

Dr. Jennifer L. Rounds-Bryant (To purchase one set of all 3 books: Cash app $10 to $PayDrJenn - include mailing address)


Why I wrote the book: I wrote this book after working as a clinical psychologist with clients whose lives were frequently devastated due to these hot button issues. My goal was to translate the research into plain language so that people would be able to solve their problems – with or without the help of therapy. 


Ugly Fact #1 – Men Don’t Like Kids!

Attachment Theory explains how dad can be as popular as mommy with the kids!


Ugly Fact #2 – Family Members Support Alcohol and Drug Addiction!

Family Systems Theory tells how family members can support recovery!


Ugly Fact #3 – People Do Not Change Other People!

The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change shows how people change!


Ugly Fact #4 – Domestic Violence is an Equal-Opportunity Killer!

Feminist Theory explains domestic violence. Research shows the harm to children!


Ugly Fact #5 – People Ruin Their Own Lives!

Behavior Theory shows how people can save themselves!

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